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The Overflowing Bra

25th, Jul 17
With the help from her family, Hailey pulls through a series of growth attacks that last a week and leave her breasts at truly ridiculous proportions.
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23rd, Jul 17
A dream about her mother on the eve of her twentieth birthday heralds a great change for Tanya and two of her friends. What is she becoming? Why is she suddenly so horny and hungry all the time? And what does this have to do with a little shop that wasn't there yesterday?
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22nd, Jul 17
Molly’s family just moved to a new town, and she has trouble fitting in.
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22nd, Jul 17
An ugly nerdy girl finds herself befriending the highschool hunk. He's way too handsome and she's way too ugly for anything to happen. Right?
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16th, Jul 17
First time posting a story on this site and will fully admit this story has been posted on other sites. This is a story about Christina who is a mild mannered normal girl until she becomes aroused and Transforms into the the hyper breasted hyper sexxed She-Male super hero "The Fanatic Phallus" and uses her powers to stop crime around her college campus.(story contains vore) If you have any comments please feel free to email me at Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.
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13th, Jul 17
Veronica is an extremely neurotic conspiracy theorist and would-be journalist who believes she's on the verge of exposing a global Illuminati plot to genetically inflate womens' breasts and turn humanity into obedient cattle. It's all completely insane and probably a product of her mental disorders. Unless...she's on to something. *Special Thanks to Deviant Art user AussieLuvTail, who helped fix and save the ending to this story with sharp story insight.
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13th, Jul 17
Intro part to a BE series that focuses on Juliana starting off gigantically busty, and just getting bigger from there! The intro part to an old series of three stories I wrote back in 2013. Thought I'd upload one here, see what people thought. I hope you enjoy!
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13th, Jul 17
The silly story of Dr. Hughbert G. Wood and Naomi A. Lotte as the doctor tests the overdose ramifications of his newly invented drug Flourish, patent pending for Thornley Pharmaceuticals, a pill that mirculously grows boobs. First full story
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9th, Jul 17
As Persephone's breasts become dangerously overfilled with milk and growing bigger every night, she and Elena race to find the one woman who may be able to help her, while in the meanwhile they struggle just to make sure her breasts don't explode before they can track her down.
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4th, Jul 17
If your last relationship ended in a ball of flames because you have a hidden, secret desire, you tend to play it safe for a while. Imagine Jon's luck, then, that he immediately falls into the arms (and cleavage) of the mysterious Felicity Martinez, a woman who not only is fine with his little fetish for pregnant women, but revels in it, her body changing itself to sate his newfound unquenchable lust. But who is truly the lucky one, here? Jon finds himself locked into a game he didn't know he was playing while both he and Felicity give in to their growing desires and growing bodies.
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29th, Jun 17
After a growth attack that lasted eight hours, Hailey experiences another growth spurt that leaves her 32N breasts even bigger as she struggles to adjust to her new reality. (File includes edited Chapter 1 with added details.)
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