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The Overflowing Bra

7th Feb 12
Uncle Hank's immensely insulting graduation gift consisted of three gorgeous women tasked with finding Sidney a real live girlfriend. The Wing Girls guarantee success, but face it. Sidney's a trainwreck. He's going to need help. A megafuckton of it.
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18th Jul 11
Suzy gets a new job.
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18th Jul 11
Suzy gets a new job.
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25th Mar 09

Calvin meets a Genie and makes the customary three wishes.

A short short story.

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11th Oct 08
Gerald is having so much fun with nigh-infinite power, but can he survive an encounter with another being rewarded with an alien's gift?
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4th Oct 08
Gerald gets off campus for a look around at the city and a night out on the town.
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27th Sep 08
Rosie wants answers. Unfortunately, she again encounters the one person who can actually provide them.
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20th Sep 08
After an encounter with aliens, Gerald finds himself blessed with the Reward an of an Alien's Gift.
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4th May 08
Plot? Who the heck needs plot?
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9th Jan 08
Two weeks ago, the most arrogant girl in the universe cast the gauntlet down in front of Marty and his friends. Well, now that Marty has a copy of Master PC Nicole is about to experience his reply.
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15th Dec 07

Tony, Jason, and Cam are enjoying a night out in the aftermath of Tony’s break-up with his girl when Tony finds himself the master of a Genie. A Genie who’ll do anything to please him… even turn herself into a bimboslut.

But, of course, Kerry has to get herself involved.

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12th Nov 07

Revisions of Kerry chapters 1 through 5 as well as chapters 6 and 7, wherein Kerry subs in for the regular teacher and covers sex-ed at a Catholic girl’s school.

Will Victoria earn a passing mark from Miss Malloy, or is she too squeaky clean and doomed to fail?

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22nd Aug 07

Laura’s had a bad day at work and so has Kerry, so when they meet at the bar they find they have a few things in common. Things like long legs, hot bodies, huge tits, insatiable bisexual appetites, and absolutely no inhibitions.

Which is funny since Laura and her friends used to think of her as being somewhat dull and very mousy.

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9th Aug 07
A little swim at the local pool leads Kerry to something more including bigger boobs, the Forces of Evil, the Forces of Nerdity, a shower room full of cheerleaders, and much bigger boobs.
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19th May 07
Kerry disrupts an anti-porn protest, goes to the movies, and meets some of the competition.
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28th Apr 07

In the wrap-up for book II of Rumour Mill, it’s Danny vs. Mike. Who will you cheer for? What is Mike really up to? What do Terry and Suzy think?

And just what does happen when an exhibitionistic futa-girl works at a strip club?

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21st Apr 07

Not much happens in this chapter. Mike just spends an afternoon transforming cheerleaders and trying out all sorts of different body and breast styles on the unsuspecting bouncy bimbos.

But there is someone who does suspect ….

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18th Apr 07
Mike begins phase two of his nefarious plan for vengeance, but will Suzy let him get away with it? Or will she seduce and take the cheerleader for herself? What about Danny? His investigations bring him ever closer. But first, Dude, where’s Mike’s car?
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15th Apr 07

Mike takes his new girlfriend, Lindsay, home for dinner to meet the family, but it seems that Callie has a friend over: the ever-lovely—and getting lovelier—Katelyn.

It looks like dessert will consist of Stripper Extraordinaire. Yummy!

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12th Apr 07
Mike gets moving on his grand scheme for vengeance, but Terry’s watching. So’s Suzy. And Danny. And Lindsay. Can’t a guy get any freaking privacy at Hübsches-Mädchen High? Nope. Doesn’t look like it.
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9th Apr 07

Ah. High school. AKA the good ol’ days, not that they really were all that good, mind you. But then you or I likely didn’t have Master PC. Well, Mike does have Master PC, so for him the days really are good. Unfortunately, Danny Grant (formerly the vice principal) is onto him, and Danny’s replacement, The Vampire, is a little too detention-happy.

I mean really. It’s not like Mike started the orgy on purpose.

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6th Apr 07

Mike has his laptop and a copy of Master PC, and he’s all healed up, so it’s time for revenge! His tormentors shall suffer for all of the indignit— Oooh. Check out the cute nurse!

Maybe revenge can wait.

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3rd Apr 07

So Mike’s still lying in the hospital, having been screwed unconscious by a Stripper-slash-Import Tuner Show Babe, as the Vice Principal springs his surprise. Can Terry straighten things out in time? Will he even realize in time?

Basically, plot occurs here, so you may want to skip this chapter.

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31st Mar 07

It’s been a long, dull month for Mike Wagner. Beaten nearly to death by an irate boyfriend after carelessly using the amazing Master PC program, Mike can finally talk again and the first thing he asked for is, you guessed it, his laptop. But when the sexy daughter of his erstwhile roommate comes for a visit, will Mike escape the hospital alive?

And if he does, what surprises has the Vice Principal prepared for him?

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25th Jan 07
Models, whiny brats, and faithless boyfriends beware! The Queen of the Dark has returned and she’s still not taking any prisoners!
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1st Jan 07

From the Dark Depths of the Addventure comes a short piece about Kerry, a quiet and unassuming bank teller, who bought a ring at a novelty store. The results are quite . . . novel.

Well, no not really. Stories about growing breasts are posted here all the time, but for Kerry, for whom this sort of thing does not happen every day, I suppose you could say it is novel.

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23rd Dec 06
It’s the end of the road for Ed. How can he possibly beat an immortal in a fight to the death? And if he can accomplish the impossible, will he have anything left for The Professor?
Well, it was nice knowing you, Ed.
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20th Dec 06
So Ed is to be removed, eh? OK. Now what? Odds are that he doesn’t want to go.
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16th Dec 06
In the kitchen with Ed and Zofia;
At school with Ed and Melissa;
On the streets with Audrey and The Elf;
And one shadowy, mysterious figure in the, er, shadows.
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13th Dec 06
Worlds collide as Ed finally gets a few clues as to what is going on, gets an unwanted sex slave, and gets busy.
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9th Dec 06
Can Ed survive an emotionally charged Melissa, The Professor on the warpath, and the revenge of Pinky?
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6th Dec 06
Ed and Melissa
Sitting in a dream
Kay Eye Ess Ess Eye Enn Gee!
And for Ed things go downhill from there.
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2nd Dec 06
Audrey++ meets Zofia 2.0
Ed vs. Pinky, round 2
Ed puts two and two together and comes up with threeway.
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29th Nov 06
Ed’s life gets even stranger--and this is before he accidentally eliminates his sister’s romantic rival.
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25th Nov 06
Ed tries to simplify his life, run a physics lab, and explain the destruction of the brain scanner to The Professor and the recently lesbonified Melissa. But then he runs into the most beautiful girl in the world and .... Well, I'm getting ahead of myself.
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18th Nov 06
Without the slightest idea what he is doing, Ed begins to explore the world of dreams. Should have spent more time on developing the hypothesis, Ed.
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18th Nov 06
Hey, Ed has finished his research paper and it is time to celebrate! How does wild fantasy sex with his hot former babysitter sound?
Sorry about posting two chapters at the same time, but TOB deserves first crack at it.
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11th Nov 06
In his own dreams, Ed is the star. But not for long. His dreams are about to become reality.
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16th Feb 06
It is Friday morning, and something funny is happening at Hubsches-Madchen High. Is Terry more interested in taking advantage of the suddenly busty nymphomaniacs, nudists, and bimbo cheerleaders, or finding out what is going on?
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3rd Oct 05
After a freak accident, Ed finds that he can tamper with reality (including his favourite: breast size) by manipulating people's dreams.
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17th Jul 05
An extremely inhibited high school girl stumbles across a magic remote control and quickly finds herself wondering why her body is tingling and her bra won't fit.
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21st May 05
Liz makes a new friend, an eye-shaped blue gem with a taste for big breasts and plenty of sex. This friend, however, has enemies. (This time without the goofed formating)
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20th Feb 05
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