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The Overflowing Bra

22nd May 11
Toshiko Graystone is an average college student, tight on cash. So when she sees an ad offering $5,000 for human test trials of a new pharmaceutical, she signs up. The side effects are a bit more than she bargained for, however, and she quickly finds herself growing in some new--and terrifying--places. A relatively short story featuring multiple breast growth, ass growth, an udder, and one very scared college student who can't stop growing. Picture included: if you decide to read, do yourself a favor and don't look at the picture until the story is over. If you dig this kind of stuff. :-) Let me know what you think, and feel free to write:
ag big chem huge multiple nc offstage science slow weird asleep
22nd Jul 07
Scientist Taylor and the slightly impulsive Sarah recuperate from the spontaneity of part one, and gear up for the impending growth yet to come... I think this may just end up being a trilogy.
big chem fast huge lac nc offstage preg science asleep
18th Jul 07
Taylor, a graduate student and brilliant chemist, brings his work home to his bombshell girlfriend Sarah. Over some wine, they experiment with a formula designed to double the size of mammary glands with each dose. Eventually, Sarah takes the experiment into her own hands, and away from the more cautious Taylor...
big chem fast huge lac sc science asleep
13th Jul 07
chem fast huge sc science asleep