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The Overflowing Bra

12th Dec 09
What happens when the world's mightiest superheroine meets the world's greatest plastic surgeon? An epic battle of ample proportions, is all.
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27th Oct 09
The third book in the trilogy finds Jake’s worst fears coming true when one of his fembots suffers a breakdown, new abilities manifest themselves, and psychotic behavior begins running rampant. But then who ever said cyborg ownership is easy?
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2nd Feb 09
Can one man have too many iBods? Can he ever have enough? As Jake's inventory of fembots grows, so, too, do his worries - it’s enough to drive an evil genius crazy. Here follows the second book of the trilogy, but do be warned, this fucker is long.
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18th Jun 08
Jake loves big tits and computers, and ends with a winning combination.
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