The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

19th Apr 13
Brad needs money for college so Daniel helps him out- by giving him breasts!! A local bar hosts a wet T-shirt contest where the winner gets a $500 dollar cash prize. Daniel has been playing the system ever since he inherited the flesh alteration kit! Now he can help his bro, Brad. The two first go hunting for the perfect breasts on campus. Then body swaps Brad onto an alternate woman's body. With a little help and fashion tips from his bi-curious companion, Vanessa, no one has to worry about going broke this semester!
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8th Apr 13
This is a corollary to my upcoming story, The Wet T Shirt Contest. Vanessa uses the Flesh Alteration Kit to dominate her friend Danny and show him a good time. Its a lap dance with a devious twist!
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