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Emily, Me and the Device: A Completely True Story, Part 3
Events continue where they left off in the final chapter of Matt and Emily's experience with The Sub-Quantum Arousal Energy Redirection Device.
Average Scores:

Overall= 3, BE= 1, Characters= 2, Technical= 2

not enough detail

Overall= 4, BE= 2, Characters= 5, Technical= 5

Ive been waiting for the conclusion to this series and I wasnt dissapointed. A little short though.

Overall= 1, BE= 1, Characters= 1, Technical= 1


Overall= 3, BE= 2, Characters= 2, Technical= 3

It was short and very non-descriptive. It seems like you wrote it in a hurry. If you took your time and put more thought into it, I'm sure it would've been better. Tell me a story, not a sequence of events.

Overall= 5, BE= 4, Characters= 5, Technical= 5

I loved it. I look forward to more.

Very Likable characters. Pleasurable for all concerned. I enjoyed the way the male protagonist got to join in on the growing action.

Again, keep 'em coming! Maybe an additional female could join in the festivities...

Overall= 1, BE= 2, Characters= 1, Technical= 2

Very haphazard, hard to follow. By the time the reader figures out what one scene is, the story has changed the scene again. Looks like you wrote it in ten minutes.

But, it could probably be a good story if you spent a lot more time on it.

Overall= 3, BE= 3, Characters= 2, Technical= 3

Story was way too short, and didn't realy accomplish anything. Like for instance there was a sex scene at the end that went, they had sex, the apparement was destroyed, the end.

Overall= 3, BE= 2, Characters= 4, Technical= 4

I really enjoyed the previous parts, but, not only was this part extremely short, but it lacked any real detail. I know that, had you put more effort into it you could have made this part better than the last two. I think you should definitely make a part 4 because I really think this story could go on and be really great.

Please give the authors feedback, I can not emphasize enough how important it is to them.
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