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The Overflowing Bra

Jeannie Dreams of Me
Jennifer, a slightly breast obsessed woman, finds a genie's bottle on the beach. Every wish she asks for comes true as expected, only Jennifer isn't the one making the wishes.
Average Scores:

Overall= 5, BE= 4, Characters= 3, Technical= 3

Very nice I really enjoyed it, please update soon.

Overall= 5, BE= 4, Characters= 3, Technical= 4

Very good, I enjoyed it quite a bit and am looking forward to the next installment.

Overall= 4, BE= 5, Characters= 2, Technical= 3

I liked it.

Some of the descriptions seemed a little... off. I didn't like how the characters were often referred to just by their hair color (though I'm sure that was for clarity's sake) and some of the other descriptive stuff didn't sit well with me, but I'm not sure why. Might've been because she seemed almost like a stranger with all the descriptions other than her name.

On the whole, great start. I hope you continue it.

Overall= 4, BE= 3, Characters= 4, Technical= 5

Great start, please continue...more be detail!

Overall= 5, BE= 5, Characters= 4, Technical= 4

Very good!
Overall= 5, BE= 5, Characters= 5, Technical= 5

Five stars across the board! At first I thought having two characters with such similar names would be a detriment, but instead it adds a real flair to it, especially with similar body types (and both obviously horny) but with different sized breasts and the alternative hair coloring of blonde/brunette. I really liked this story and look forward to the sequel!

Overall= 3, BE= 3, Characters= 2, Technical= 2

Not a bad story, but the author has got to stop shifting perpsective in the middle of sentences (i.r. ping-ponging between 1st to 3rd person).

Overall= 5, BE= 5, Characters= 4, Technical= 4

This is a strong story on its own but also a good start to what could be a fantastic series. Please keep it up!

Overall= 5, BE= 4, Characters= 4, Technical= 4

A very very enjoyable story. Can't wait for the next set of adventures. Just becareful, there's no benefit in having the inner thoughts of a breast obsessed twentysomething sound like a english teacher who has a thesaurus open. Keep writing and Keep Growing

Please give the authors feedback, I can not emphasize enough how important it is to them.
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