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The Overflowing Bra

Innocents Abroad
Gad, I gotta give this a rest...;) 153 pages and counting....ok, as promised, here's Part 3 of the 2-part series. 
There's a little BE, but it's not a major part of the story, compared to other parts. Plenty o' sex, but 50 pages just for this part...whoosh!

Ok, I'm thankful for all the comments, you've been very nice. Part four...I have a problem; I've pumped up everyone, so I have no flesh left to plump
Actually, there's hardly any SEX in it at all. These things happen. I'll have to find somewhere else to publish it, but it will be a while. 
In the meantime, have fun
Average Scores:

Overall= 3, BE= 2, Characters= 2, Technical= 2

I ralely needed to find this info, thank God!

elvis intgeruptus
Overall= 5, BE= 5, Characters= 5, Technical= 5

Just be sure to tell us where!

Tanak I am your Father.

Overall= 5, BE= 5, Characters= 5, Technical= 5

Excellent. Keep up the good work. You leave me at a loss for more words to describe this.

Overall= 5, BE= 4, Characters= 5, Technical= 5

This is an absolutely stunning hot streak you're on pakled, I've enjoyed all your past stories, and now I'm simply being spoiled.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Ninja In The Night
Overall= 5, BE= 5, Characters= 5, Technical= 5

*Claps and applauds* This story is just too much. You've got many love interests, good character development, heavy writing, breast expansion, and hilarious "Foreigner in a strange land" to boot going for it. This is one of the best short novels I've read in a long time. Thank you for making a third installment. Would love to see a fourth, but I doubt that would happen anytime soon. My favorite character is Robert, just because he's clueless to the wiles of women yet able to please them so.

Overall= 5, BE= 3, Characters= 5, Technical= 4

Either I'm writing too much, or you aren't writing enough...;)

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