History of the BE Community

Early 1970's

Despite denials that it “enhances” the busts of its Playmates and other models, Playboy publishes at least one picture of a supposedly airbrush-enhanced Playmate, a model named Sharon Johansen.

Late 1980's

The only consistent source of erotic images and fiction is men's magazines. DruulEmpire gets a few stories published. The Internet is in its infancy. Only a few scattered stories and joke comics are available for the breast expansion fan. Telnet and BBS are used for communication and networking.

The 1990's

A long list of big-boob authors begin writing: Adrian Burns, Al-the-Editor (a.k.a. Axolotl, a.k.a Some Sort of Dog), Barbara Barrowclough, Chris Helmare, Clohi, David Johnson (a.k.a. Fuzzy), DD Writer, DDDave, Derob Jacobs, Downing Street, Dr. Enlarge, Fluidline1, Fret Pearson, Fritz, GB Good, George Tasker, Gerard Titsman, Hoot, Hunter S. Creek, J Clancy3, Joe Average, John Spade, Kimberley Kitten, Knickers, Kunikos, Luther V Kane, Maurice Blue, Mr B, Mr Gibson, Mt Travern, Munch Wolf, N Large, Old Fart, Oxomox, Plato Voltaire, RallyKat (a.k.a. Leviathan), Rhinoman, Richard O Steele, Shon Richards, Spacer X, Steve Palmer, Tammy Trueheart, Victor C Nathan, & Zaxxon.


(Note: I don't know who wrote this part for 1990 but it is a hodge podge of stuff that happened throughout the mid-90's, NOT in 1990. Prior to 1994 the only place you'd have a prayer of finding B.E. stuff on a regular basis was the Amazon's Arena BBS where Johnny Swell and E.L. Publications frequented. I can't remember exactly when “The Mistake” was written but most likely it was 1993. It resurfaced in 1994 in alt.sex.breast along with a story called “Blooming in the Spring” which to this day nobody really knows who wrote it though it is often credited to Dr. Enlarge who has said he didn't write it.)

Most modems are 2400 baud. The Internet begins to take off (no pun intended). Accounts are only available on university servers, or sometimes through a user's workplace, making BE discussion awkward or impossible. No World Wide Web yet. Erotica mostly found in Usenet newsgroups, which are not (yet) clogged with spam. The first poster in alt.sex.stories coins the term “BE”. Dr.Enlarge posts the first request for a BE story to alt.sex.stories and the next day it arrives—after reading it, he decides he can do better and writes and posts “The Mistake” and starts the BE ball rolling. Slow progress at first—only a few stories follow. Pictures are sent to newsgroups as binaries and have to be decoded. A few low-quality morphed pictures are seen on BBSes, but they are mostly used for advertising. More stories are written and posted. The “Dr. Hooters” saga is written, with many different writers taking turns adding chapters. Dr.Enlarge forms a short mailing list for those who want to write BE stories; it is not well-known at the time but gets mentioned in alt.sex.stories. The mailing list announces that an FTP archive will soon begin operation. ACotto starts ftp.netcom.com/user/a/acotto: a free repository of BE stories and morphs, the first true archive for fans of BE. It is the first place for artists to download their work. Al-the-Editor starts sending his plain-text newsletter, which originally has no name, to BBSes; it is also archived at ACotto's site. Johnny Swell and Bust Artist begin submitting drawings.


The first Web browser, Mosaic, is programmed. Search engines are archaic by today's standards; looking up BE by searchwords is difficult.


The newsgroup alt.alt.sex.breast (AASB) becomes a website but folds within the year.

(The year is wrong for this, but I don't know the correct year. I remember ACotto saying the alt.sex.breast newsgroup was created in 1994 so the website it inspired could not have existed in 1993.)


The first true morphs are created and posted.

The Balloon Buddies e-mail list is formed for fans of the sexual aspects of inflation, including balloons and BE. At the start, it contains just 12 members, including Dr. Enlarge, Sievert, Wren and Inflate123, who acts as list moderator. The list is not automated; Inflate123 sends it out from his AOL account, blind-CC'ing everyone on group mails. It eventually gains over 200 subscribers. Dr. Enlarge coins the term B.E. for “Breast Enlargement,” sometimes also refered to as “Breast Expansion.”

alt.sex.breast gets overrun with binaries (people posting breast pictures instead of actual discussions) so alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.breasts is founded to keep the pictures separate from the discussions.



Al-the-Editor's newsletter is now known as “R & D.” Al begins sending his newsletter out to Diana the Valkyrie's site.



ACotto's site is mentioned in Places on the Net THEY Don't Want You To See. At one point it is generating 25% of all Netcom ftp hits.


The cost of running his site is too much for ACotto, and it is closed by the Netcom management.

Between July and December

Reverend Monsoon (a.k.a. Doctor Monsoon, a.k.a. The Other Macman) tries morphing and offers his own site as a host to replace ACotto's site. Many fans of BE with anonymous ftp sites try to take over ACotto's role during these months: cluon, LBurns, Skeeve's Missouri.edu site, SturmB, Mastophilus, Cygor. A website alternative to the spam-filled alt.sex.breast.* newsgroups is attempted but is forced out by high costs before the BE Buddies can join and convert their material to a web format. Inflate123 and Luther V Kane put up their body inflation sites. Inflate123's website hosts Wren's “Inflation Scenes in Movies” FAQ that Wren had been compiling since 1994 with the help of members of the Balloon Buddies.

A balloon fetishist named Scott takes over running the Balloon Buddies mailing list and also hosts an ftp site (on a server called “bogon”) to replace ACotto's but runs out of time and resources. Wren starts the first incarnation of wren-spot as a small site called “Wren's G-Spot” with only 25mb storage for web and ftp, 25mb/day bandwidth limits, and unlimited mailing lists. Wren briefly took over running of the Balloon Buddies mailing list, both hosting the list and revamping the invitation procedure to require new members to submit an introduction talking about their fetish. This process improves discussion and eliminates trolls, and after a few months is passed on to Cygor the new moderator while Wren continued to host the list for a few more years until other hosts were found.

In order to reduce in-fighting among the various types of expansion fetishists, Wren uses his unlimited mailing lists to split the Balloon Buddies into multiple groups, thus creating the BE Buddies, the first exclusively BE group on the Internet, many of whose members become the backbone of the fledgling BE community. The BE Buddies begin carrying “R & D.” Most BE fans still using .edu servers.


A member of the B.E. Buddies named Daniel comes up with the “Big,” “Huge,” and “WOW” description tags to help identify the maximum bust sizes reached in B.E. stories.

Annoyed by the increasing number of B.E. stories where breasts get so big they nearly explode, Al the R&D editor copyrights the phrase, “Look out, she's going to explode!” and it becomes a running joke mentioned throughout his St. Cats series of stories, beginning with “The St. Cats System.”


Strikr, a member of Cygor's BE Buddies e-mail group, forms the #!!BE_Loft, a Dalnet chatroom where BE fans can talk to each other in real time.


The Owner starts the first version of the BEArchive, at first a Japanese manga site, then a stories collection. It soon becomes the largest collection of BE material on the Internet. Unlike all earlier sites it is updated daily with new material and supported by paid subscribers. September Wren, a longtime BE writer and contributor, starts up Wren's Spot, devoted to BE and related interests, a free alternative to the BEArchive. Wren's Spot begins carrying “R & D.” Cheviot's Place is founded.

Between 1997 and 1999


Inflate123's Video Vault goes online, collecting short, often low-res video clips of BE as seen in movies, cartoons, and homemade morphs. The site is intended to be a free alternative to the BEArchive, as all the clips and server space are donated by individuals in the BE and inflation community. Ironically, after several years of scattering the collection around individual, unstable servers, the BEA itself steps in to help host the content, and keeps it free.


The BE Buddies and the #!!BE_Loft are still in operation. Numerous BE sites all over the world.

B.E. and pregnancy fetishist Jackie coins the term B2E (B squared E) to represent the combination fetish of both breast expansion and belly expansion. The term caught on for a while and is still used occasionally.


The #!!BE_Loft stops using Dalnet and becomes a website.



In response to slow updates of the BEArchive's free story area MrHHH creates “The Overflowing Bra.” It soon becomes the biggest repository of BE stories on the Internet.


The lack of ad revenue and the declining fortunes of the dot.com industry cause Wren's Spot to close.



After six months of uncertainty, Inflate123's Video Vault officially closes its doors due to excessive bandwidth, and the collection goes into the membership section of BEArchive.


MissChievous, Strider Hien, HeavyMetal1980, and others create Chievous Industries, a Yahoo Group devoted to BE stories, images, and real-time chats. MrHHH and RandomX create The Overflowing Forum, a complement to The Overflowing Bra and alternative to the BEA Forum.


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