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Large implant surgeons in the USA

These surgeons are known to be more experienced and accomodating when it comes to the larger breast implants. This list is by no means guaranteed to be comprehensive. If you have another surgeon you'd like to add to the list, update this page accordingly.

Surgeon references

Surgeon Name Location Phone Number Web Site Contact
Dr Yermian 1) CA 818-780-7900 www e-mail 2)
Dr Domanskis 3) Newport Beach, CA 888.234.5080 / 949.640.6324 www e-mail
Dr Sinclair 4) Beverly Hills, CA 310.274.4103 www e-mail
Dr Foster South Lake Tahoe, CA 530.541.3355 www contact form
Dr Tom Pousti 5) San Diego/Temecula, CA 619.466-8851 / 951.501-9822 www e-mail
Dr William P. Aiello 6) Los Alamitos/Newport Beach, CA 562.594.5996 / 714.891.7288 www contact form
Dr Bryan Sonntag 7) South Jordan, UT 800.630.7737 / 801.571.7710 www info, surgical consult
Dr Baeke & Suzanne 8) Overland Park, KS n/a n/a n/a
Dr Leonard Roudner 9) Coral Gables, FL - www -
Dr Gerald Johnson 10) Houston, TX 800.593.0011 / 713.960.9334 11) www surgery scheduling
appointment scheduling
medical assistant
Dr Garth Fisher 12) Beverly Hills, CA 310.273.5995 www
Dr Brad Jacobs 13) New York, NY 212.831.7770 www surgical consult
Dr Lewis Berger 14) Tampa, FL 813.877.7658 - -
Dr David Liland 15) Dallas, TX 214.692.6500 www e-mail
Dr Stephen Kahler 16)17) Carrollton, GA 770.834.6302 www -
Dr Dan Metcalf 18) Oklahoma City, OK 405.751.0042/800.525.8054 www contact form
Dr Erik Nuveen 19) Oklahoma City, OK 405.842.6677 www e-mail
Dr Richard Zeff 20) Stratham, NH 866.244.2556 www contact form
Dr Forrest Wall 21) Shreveport, LA 312.221.1629 www contact form
Dr Marcus Melvin 22) Portland, OR 503.297.1414 www e-mail
Dr Burt Faibisoff 23) 24) Lake Havasu, AZ 928.580.7707 www e-mail
Dr Anire Okpaku 25) Miami, FL 305.856.9566 www contact form

Patient References

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Patient References


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1) Vixen Lamoore is an ongoing strong reference of his. Check the Patient References page for more details.
2) It would be best to phone him; he gets swamped with e-mail.
3) Dr Domanskis is taking referrals from Dr Baeke for his former patients.
4) Per Ventura (BEA), Dr Sinclair discussed going as large as 2000cc, and had recently had patients in the 1500-1600 range.
5) Dr Pousti appears to be quite supportive of larger implant sizes, per his web page here. In particular check out this woman (Case #769) who went to 1800cc.
6) Per this episode of Dr 90210, Dr Aiello removed Roxanne's 1800cc implants. What isn't clear from the linked-to page but is clear from watching the episode is that Dr Aiello did all of her augmentations, including the 1800cc.
7) Dr Sonntag did XXXena's work.
8) Per an e-mail received from Suzanne (wife of and nurse to Dr Baeke), Dr Domanskis has met with Dr Baeke to exchange professional knowledge. Not restricted to just surgical skills; the meeting included a discussion of contacts and processes/procedures he needs to know in order to best deal with Eurosilicone, facilitating the import of larger implants, the FDA, etc. Dr Domanskis also knows he can contact Dr Baeke at any time with questions or further explanation. So for women who had considered (or been a patient of) Dr Baeke in the past, or women considering larger-than-domestic implants, it seems Dr Domanskis is now the official steward of such things. Dr Baeke retired from this specialization (closed his private practice) May 1, 2006.
9) Dr Roudner has substantial experience, and per this article it seems he at least used to do 3000cc implants in the past; it's possible (but presently unknown) whether he would consider doing implants in the 1500-2000cc range. Update (12/16/07): Sofia went to see Dr Roudner prior to seeing Dr Okpaku. Long story short, Dr Roudner is no longer in the big implant business. Please don't bother him with requests to go larger. (This entry kept for historical reasons and to quash rumours.)
10) Inventor of PPP string implants. No longer doing them and anecdotally not showing any interest in sharing how the technique was done, so please don't bother him with such questions.
11) As of Nov 2006, Dr. Johnson has closed it's office and it's not sure if he will reopen his office. Former patients can call 281.537.3452
12) Dr Fisher did Summer Cummings' work.
13) Per this site's reference.
14) , 16) Reported to be part of the Silimed 1000cc study.
15) A strong endorsement by ValnTX of the BEA. Also as of 3/2/07 per Scooby_and_Kitty of the BEA, Dr Liland has agreed to give her Mentor 800's overfilled to 1300cc.
17) Wife of RegalZ on the BEA got her 575cc o/f to 700/720cc implants upgraded by Dr Kahler to Mentor Mod Plus 800 (rated 960cc, o/f to 1100cc), April 2007.
18) Endorsed by NADIA of the BEA, he did her 650's o/f to 850cc, says he will do 800cc o/f to 1100cc. Tell him Misti Minnish (presumably NADIA) sent you.
19) NADIA (of the BEA) claims he did amazing work on a friend of hers. Tell him Misti Minnish (presumably NADIA) sent you.
20) Kylee (of the BEA) has said that he did 1000cc for a friend of hers
21) Per Deaken12 of the BEA, allegedly will do or has done a 2000cc implant replacement surgery.
22) Has at least one reference to 800cc on his website: gel, high-profile, smooth, 800cc
23) Per Payton of the BEA, she apparently got 995cc silicone implants, and is now part of the Silimed/Sientra over-800cc study.
24) He can allegedly get custom implants larger than 1000cc.
25) Patient named Sofia (per the BEA) recently received 1350cc surgery, although Dr Okpaku has apparently been amenable to doing over 2000cc (admittedly in larger patients), but was quite receptive to doing the 1350cc. At the patient's request, he did try to go larger, but due to CC in the one breast, he needed to make a game day decision to roll back to 1350cc. Sofia is very pleased with the outcome. Be sure to mention Sofia as a reference (and of course mention Dr Okpaku) when you speak with the staff to help them recognize what you desire.
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