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The Overflowing Bra

18th Jun 24
James Bertram is forcibly brought to the ER with strange symptoms; an incredibly engorged cock that refuses to go down. Lucky for him he's got a good nurse to take care of him... Authors Note: The tidbit that I received the most requests to continue was "Cock Loving Nurse" and so, as a man of the people, I did just that. Hope you enjoy
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12th Jun 24
Alexia goes to a new yoga class with her best friend Mandy. She finds the experience...fulfilling
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12th Jun 24
For every story I complete and post, there are two that I start and never finish. Some of them I get further along than others. Within are a collection of some of those drafts. (I was doing a purge of my hard drive and thought I might as well post them rather then fully delete them) Please keep in mind that theyre unfinished and just drafts, so they havent received my normal editing. If youre reading one and think there may be something worthwhile there or you really wanted to see how one would end, let me know and I may take another crack at it.
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29th May 24
Desiree's breasts have a mind of their own...literally
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13th May 24
Enclosed within are the written transcripts documenting the recovered video footage found within the wreckage of Dr. Cynthia Lennox's laboratory, home of the infamous trial of "Formula 078125". (This was my entry to the Maternal Pressure contest over at Swell Tales that's now concluded. Main focus beyond BE is cumflation)
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28th Mar 24
Newlywed Wendy gets a rude awakening to her idyllic life with the arrival of their new neighbour; a young Latin bombshell with a pair of delicious fake tits who's looking to seduce Wendy's husband away from her. How far will Wendy go to stay on top?
big offstage science slow
8th Feb 24
18 year old farm girl Lily is eager to follow in her mother's footsteps and compete in the Miss Midwest Milker competition. Authors note: This is one of the stories I started but never finished during my hiatus. Thought it deserved to see the light of day so I sat down and finished it.
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1st Feb 24
In the height of a fertility crisis, Dr. Amy Vickers has invented a solution. It works...a little too well.
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29th Jan 24
Months later Bryn is confronted with an unexpected opportunity. Authors note: Once again thank you all for the feedback, it really keeps me writing. I do intend to write a part 5 but it will take me awhile as I'm still undecided how I want the next section to play out.
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25th Jan 24
The epic continues with Bryn and the Duke entering the lair of their enemies. Authors Note: Just a heads up this chapter doesn't have much actual expansion, just plot and sex. Part 4 is in the works!
ag big fast huge magic nc
23rd Jan 24
The tale of Duke Fenrod and Bryn continues. Authors note: I appreciate all those who offered suggestions, your feedback and praise means so much. There will definitely be a part 3, and probably more.
ag big fast hg huge magic slow
19th Jan 24
A young thief finds herself among the employ of Duke Fenrod, a powerful magic wielder and a man known for his fondness for top heavy women. How will she fit in, in this new world? Authors note: My take on a fantasy romance tale. Not sure what direction I'd like to take the next part. Open to suggestions.
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15th Jan 24
Daphne is a mother who wants nothing more than to breastfeed her children. Her husband Zach provides her with a cure, a miracle pill to solve her ailment. But for the pill to work it requires her to eat...a lot. For the former anorexic mother this Is a difficult ask...or is it? Major theme beyond breast expansion is Belly Expansion and food stuffing. As always leave a review or drop me a dm.
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1st Jun 23
Ethan takes his girlfriend and her bitchy friends out to a new club. The experience changes all of their lives but he's the only who notices.
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29th May 23
Gloria, a middle-aged divorcee, decides to hit the gym to try and meet a new man. What she gets is much, much more. Author's Note: First attempt at a Female Muscle Growth story (That is the main focus here, though there is some standard BE). Not as familiar with this material type so if it doesn't hit the right notes, I apologize. Feedback as always is appreciated.
bg ag ar big huge lg magic mg slow asleep
24th May 23
The finale of Skylers saga. Frustrated by the failure of the second pill to achieve results, Skyler and Joy come up with a plan to achieve her growth dreams. Authors note: Hope you enjoy the final chapter, thanks for all the feedback. As I've mentioned in the past If you wish to chat or discuss story ideas please feel free to DM my reddit account (same user name). Cheers!
bg big fast huge sc science wow
17th May 23
The saga of Skyler and Lily continues as the girls head off to college. Authors note: The people have spoken! More than any other story I've posted this received the most requests for a sequel and so here we are. I actually cut this one off before it got too long, meaning there will be a part 3 as well. Additional tags: Pussy growth, clit growth.
bg big offstage science slow
12th May 23
A secretary for a foreign ambassador is captured by a Russian colonel with unusual interrogation techniques. Authors note: This one isn't really a full story, more a little vignette that I typed out on a whim. Still, hope you enjoy.
bg big bond cb fast huge nc rc science
10th May 23
Teenage nerd Skyler goes on a new hormonal birth control. Should've read the warning label... Additional tags: Pussy Growth
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3rd May 23
6 inmates of the federation have agreed to serve their sentences by delivering alien symbiotes to a far off system. Things quickly go sideways for the commanding officer and her charges. Authors note: This is a sequel to my first ever story "Kendra and lucy" (not required reading). Hope you enjoy. If you'd like to see a sequel for any of my other tales please tell me!
bg aliens big cb huge offstage science slow weird
1st May 23
Rob wants nothing but to marry his goddess of a girlfriend. He'll just have to prove to her family that he's worthy, by whatever means necessary. Authors note: Hello, sorry for the long absence, life gets in the way sometimes. Hope you enjoy my first story in awhile. Just an FYI the major focus of this one is cock growth (there's still lots of BE of course) so if that's not your thing be advised. Cheers!
bg big fast huge lac magic mpg offstage slow wow
23rd Nov 22
Martin gets paired up for a science project with the resident queen bee of the school Sophia. She's a total bitch but he discovers She's got a pretty major insecurity; her breasts. Maybe he can help her out... Authors note: Major focus on Breast Envy in this one! Enjoy!
bg big fast huge magic sc wow
18th Nov 22
Ramona is a girl who's at the end of her rope. She's tried everything to try and get her breasts to grow and nothings worked. Her friend recommends some shady supplements that also fail to achieve results and so she turns to implants. Little does she know that she'll get much more than she expected. Authors note: thank you all for the continual feedback, it means a lot. Cheers and enjoy
bg big fast huge lac offstage sc science slow asleep
15th Nov 22
Humans make contact with an alien species while exploring the galaxy. Lance, a simple pilot,is chosen to be an ambassador for the humans for their first face to face contact with their new neighbour's. The experience with his alien counterpart is one he will never forget.
bg aliens big huge mpg offstage science slow weird wow
11th Nov 22
Sam and his crew set off an a deep space exploration mission, alongside an unexpected new crew member with an incredible genetic enhancement. Authors note: My apologies if this ends up being posted twice. I posted it once and it didn't show up so I'm reposting it. My longest story yet, bit of a slow burn at first but it ramps up quick. As always enjoy.
bg ag big chem hg huge lac mm mpg offstage preg slow
8th Nov 22
June meets a charming man at a bar with a colossal secret. Having her fantasies fulfilled by him, she endeavors to fulfill his as well. Authors Note: Thanks to HyperPenisFan for the story prompt! I made a few adjustments to the concept but the general idea is still there. Thanks to everyone for the feedback, I Really appreciate it!
bg ag big huge mpg offstage sc science
7th Nov 22
The story of two twins: a brother with a mysterious secret, a sister who loves him trying to learn the truth, and their mother trying to stay on top. Additional tags: testicle growth, cumflation. Authors note: Thanks for all the story ideas, keep em coming! Those wishing to contact me please DM my reddit account (same as my author name here)
bg big chem fast huge inc offstage sc wow
4th Nov 22
Cassandra is tired of being completely flat and decides to get a nice set of modest implants. Things go awry and she gets more than she bargained for...much more. Authors note: If anyone has a story idea they'd like brought to life please leave it in the feedback. I'm always looking for inspiration
bg big huge offstage science
3rd Nov 22
Jackie's boyfriend Dave is training to be a bodybuilder, and takes a prototype growth hormone to help him build muscle, a growth hormone that spreads through bodily fluids. It makes them grow in ways they did not expect. Additional tags: Pussy growth, Cumflation. Enjoy and as always, I appreciate feedback
bg big chem hg huge lac mpg offstage slow
1st Nov 22
Celeste discovers her boyfriend has a thing for unusually large breasts. Her determination to become the woman of his dreams leads her to the Expanding Horizons Clinic. Note: The 'preg' tag here is representative of just straight Belly Expansion. Enjoy and as always feedback is appreciated!
bg big chem fast huge preg sc
31st Oct 22
Tim's got a new a job with a new secretary. Too bad she's flat...or is she? Thanks for those who provided feedback on my first story. I Would appreciate the same courtesy for this one!
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27th Oct 22
Two colleagues discover alien life, a symbiote that grows within human flesh. A competition begins of each girls desire to be the biggest. My first attempt at a story! Feedback would be appreciated.
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