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The Overflowing Bra

20th Dec 04
Kimiko Sorayama is a bitch. She's rich, she's hot, and she knows she's got it "goin' on". What she DOESN'T know is that her family comes from a long line of Geisha. One of her anscestors was so determined to make her Emporer happy, that she had a wizard cast a spell on her. The spell turned out to be a curse, and now, it affects EVERY female decendant. When someone says the secret magic word, the spell is activated, and Kimiko must do whatever she is told, no matter what! She becomes a living sex dream, capable of transforming in anyway that her master desires. A young male student, Yasuo Hirihito has learned Kimi's secret, and the word. What happens next? Find out, in Malliable Doll Kimiko!
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22nd Jan 04
A story about a girl and her experiences with VBH. She gets really big. This is part one. Part two, on the way. Well, as soon as we can get together and talk again.
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