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The Overflowing Bra

11th May 20
This is a short commissioned piece about a streamer who gets what's coming to her after being a complete bitch to other streamers. The gender of KarmaCheck86 has been left extremely vague intentionally. I'll let you decide who they may be.
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13th Jun 18
Part one of Nanites, a story I did on commission. When Dr. Van Camp turns her knowledge of nanotechnology toward more cosmetic goals, her lab assistant, Diana volunteers to be the first human test subject. Told that the growth would occur over twenty-four hours with few if any side effects, Diana heads out only to find her body (and mind) changing far more rapidly than expected... and enjoying every minute of it.
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18th Oct 17
A commission I did for Fillerbunee where his wife and her best friend both take Bimball and end up giving him the best birthday ever.
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10th Jan 13
A short, first person account, strictly dialogue, of a woman being transformed into a milky cow-girl. This was written as a script for and used by someone on Reddit.
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23rd Aug 12
A quick story about a woman who is changed from a smart but plain college student into a lactating, submissive pet. My first free work in a long time and, given the ending, possibly the first of more quickies.
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8th Sep 11
My first free post in a while. A very short story about another magical costume. Jennifer is told that the costume allows a person to have their fondest desires to become reality, but whose?
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7th Nov 10
A quick story I wrote trying to get the story in under 1000 words. When Janey sets out for her first night of prostitution, her john changes not just her outlook but her life. My second attempt to upload this.
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14th Oct 09
A twisted tale by Fahzbehn. Amy, Bonnie and Charisse all have a reputation for not putting-out and all three have taken advantage of William Kalebra. When he creates a bimbo ray-gun, the three prudes find themselves being hunted by the big bad wolf. This is part one (Amy). Pt 2 to come later.
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9th Sep 09
A quick story I did this morning. His girlfriend having just dumped him, Alex is surprised when his best friend, Carry, shows up. When they both lament about not finding finding the perfect girlfriend, Carry does something to fix the situation. More to come most likely.
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29th Apr 09
When two friends make wishes on a camping trip, the river spirit grants them as best it can... however, being popular can mean many different things.
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19th Apr 09
Samantha gets her boyfriend a special set of birthday presents which slowly turn Nicholas into a buxom, submissive Nikki.
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19th Jun 08
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2nd Sep 07
Part two of the continuing story of Amadre and Talvia. When Amadre makes her feelings known to Talvia, it's not only their lust for each that grows. Includes a cameo by the main villainess and the introduction of a new character, Tsutanai, a rather unlucky priest.
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31st Aug 07
The introductory story of Amadre, an elven sorceress, who accidentally becomes cursed with gem that makes her more buxom and horny every time she casts a spell.
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