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The Overflowing Bra

2nd Jul 15
The sex is always kinkiest just before the dawn. Or... something like that. Jack & co. are in a race against time to track down some final crucial powers and put together a fucking-based cure for world hunger - but there is a lot standing in their way, from the remnants of a PMB army to none other than Kandi Young. (Download contains all 6 parts of the now-complete story - the length of a novel in all! Thanks to everyone who read along with Jack's ludicrous adventures.)
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14th Apr 15
The long wait is over! Jack and hundreds of other Gifted individuals have been summoned by the mysterious power behind the PMB to participate in a last-ditch effort to pass the Test. But not all is as it seems, and Jack and friends soon find themselves embroiled in action, intrigue, cheating, and superpowered sex games like you've never seen before. Also contains parts 1-4.
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23rd Dec 14
Granted a superpowered, breast-growing dick by the titular Gift and Test, Jack enters into a business arrangement with The Madame, mysterious owner of The X Brothel. While she works on a secret project, he tests the limits of his powers in his endless bacchanalia of a life. But all good things must come to an end - The Madame has bigger plans, and soon Jack will be affecting the whole country - or, when his old friend Andy, now a superhero, shows up, the entire world. Also contains parts 1-3. (Fair warning: This part focuses much more on extreme penis growth, but there's a lot of BE too. And never fear: the final chapter is going to be all about the boobs! Whenever it comes out...)
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30th Oct 14
Apologies for the double upload, but it came to my attention that I had accidentally included an incomplete earlier version of the third chapter of A Gift and a Test, one that left off the most plot-relevant scenes and the biggest (if silliest and slapstickiest) BE! My apologies for this carelessness. The complete version was included in the plain text version in the last download package, but I decided to reupload with the complete one in Microsoft Word for your convenience. Enjoy the five new pages!
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28th Oct 14
The much-delayed third chapter! Given fantastic dick-related, breast-expanding powers by the titular Gift and Test, Jack starts a new life in Las Vegas, where a mysterious woman known as The Madame has created The X, the largest brothel for empowered prostitutes in the world. He meets new friends, gains new powers, and uses his abilities to make thousands upon thousands of girls bustier, earning disgusting amounts of cash all the while. Yes, things are looking up for our hero - but an errant act of actual superheroism may prove to be his undoing. Also contains Part 1 and Part 2.
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9th Aug 14
(Also includes Part 1) Aliens, superpowers, metapenis, you know the drill. An increasingly ravenous and desperate Kandi has brought Jack on a Caribbean pleasure cruise - but how much pleasure is too much? Jack stretches the limits of his newfound powers as Kandi stretches the limits of the dresses and bras she stole from her mother, and both stretch the limits of their relationship to the breaking point. (Part 2 of what I now think will be a four- or five-part series in the end. This seafaring section of the plot kept expanding - pun intended - as I wrote it. Thanks for the kind feedback on the first part, and enjoy this one!)
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13th Jul 14
The aliens came matter-of-factly, and they left behind a meteor that gives everyone powers (the titular gift and test). Graduating senior Jack has dreamed of getting a Class Meta power like Metaman and becoming a superhero, so it's a bit of a disappointment when he finds out he's strictly Class X. But he soon realizes that having a superpenis has a lot of upsides... (This is the slow-burning Part 1 of an intended 3-part series)
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8th Oct 13
A porn actor and his wife sign a deal with the Deep Surgery Clinic (a revolutionary medical foundation with bleeding-edge techniques) to give them perfect bodies in exchange for a cut of their profits. The deal turns out better than either party imagined, and so the couple keeps coming (and cumming) back for more...
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