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The Overflowing Bra

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The rain fell lightly on the plexi-steele windows of the high rise apartment. Through it air cars and trains flew by with blurring speed; races and species of a hundred star systems filling skies. That was how it always looked in the city of Chns, the Las Vegas of the planet Rhsk. It was the one and only completely neutral planet in the Alliance; meaning that all species were allowed to dwell in the vast city; one that was nearly the size of Earths New York and Miami combined. There was no way to determine the true number of the cities population and only a rare fool would try. Still, Chns had laws, politics and unspoken rules that it’s multi-cultural populous was governed by. Though politicians held the known rule of the city, its true power came from the criminal outlet; the three mob style leaders that had cleverly divided the huge city; the gangs that dwelled within those boundaries and the wealthy business men and women who paid for it all. Politics was a front and every politician was bought. Even the cities police force was a corrupt unit that sometimes acted more like a gang than keepers of the peace. In truth, Chns was a war zone that was out of control and needed saving. That’s when Bureau finally took notice and placed its best and brightest to keep all the factions of Chns in check; and keep the peace that its alien populous deserved. All in all, it Chns was a powder keg that awaited its fuse to be lit and the Bureau and it’s Guardians were the only force to have the means and power to put the fuse out if it was.    

Another [sadly unfinished] pregnancy epic from the mind of Invictusvoxfini. This tie it's a sci-fi crime-drama full of loads of heavily pregnant alien babes. [Be warned, there's also bursting.]
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I'm afraid sir that you appear to have mistakenly uploaded the entire freaking story where you were supposed to put a simple description.

Please give the authors feedback, I can not emphasize enough how important it is to them.
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